The Biodynamics

We have practiced biodynamic agriculture since 2012. The first obligation of the winemaker, in our opinion, is to care for the land he manages. He should try to preserve the richness of the soil that produces the fruits of his labour, without passively exploiting it for purely economic reasons, or progressively impoverish it through the use of chemicals. With this in mind, we think biodynamics is the only way forward.
The management of our biodynamic vineyard is as follows during the year:
In winter we work the land and sow the plants for green manure..
In spring, after pruning, we treat the vines with Eau d'Enduit (Maria Thun Fladen, fresh whey and bentonite), which has a healing effect on the cuts. When the ground begins to warm up, we treat it with Horn Manure 500 preparation and Horsetail. For plant treatments, we prepare decoctions of nettle, garlic and wild willow to mix in with the bordolese pulp
In the summer, if there is lots of rain, we treat the vines with Horn Silica 501 treatment, and if the season demands it, we repeat this treatment at the end of August, to help with ripening. Any excess of heat, we combat with treatments based on nettle and camomile.
In autumn, before the leaves fall off, we treat with Horn Silica 501. After the leaves fall, we use Maria Thun Fladen preparation on the soil and, after about 20 days, we treat with Horn Manure 500.

Green fallow

Alive soil


Natural cycle

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