In the Vineyard

Our winery is certified organic by Codex. In the vineyard we strictly adhere to biodynamic principles. We do not use chemical herbicides, fertilizers, or synthetic pesticides. To treat the vines, we use only copper, sulphur and infusions and decoctions of plants (nettle, horsetail, wild willow etc). For fertilizer, we use biodynamic preparations (Fladen, horn manure 500, and horn silica 501) and green compost, from our own prunings etc. In the future, to protect the vines from disease and parasites, we aim to increase the use of homeopathy and permaculture. All phases of production, from pruning to harvest, are performed manually.

In the Wine Cellar

In the cellar we do not use any chemicals other than a minimal use of sulphites. Fermentation always occurs spontaneously, even with the white wine, without added yeasts or fermentation activators. We do not use extractor enzymes, tannins, stabilizers, or other products, which, in our opinion, alter the nature of the wine. For aging, we use stainless steel, cement, barriques, tonneaux and large oak barrels. The red wines are not filtered; the whites sometimes undergo light filtration before bottling.

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